G4S in the News

September 2016:  G4S was  fined for falsely listing psychological testing information on thousands of forms, including that of the Orlando gay club shooter’s psychological tests

September 2016: Reckless Security Firm Hired to Protect Dakota Pipeline CompanyG4S was hired to oppose the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s efforts to protect their land and water in North Dakota from a proposed $3.8 billion crude-oil pipeline.

August 2016: Justice Department announces it will stop contracting with private prisons“The decision comes a week after the DOJ inspector general released a damning report on the safety, security, and oversight of private prisons” (Mother Jones). G4S continues to operate private youth prisons in the U.S. in which inmates have been abused.

Following DOJ Decision, the Department of Homeland Security will Review Private Prison Contracts.  “This step is a tacit admission that the corporations who profit by locking up desperate adults and children undermine our decency as a nation.”  (8/30/16 Democracy Now)

July 2016: Prison Legal news publishes UK Security Company’s Long History of Controversy, Misconduct.

(G4S continues to operate private state youth prisons in the U.S. in which inmates have been abused. G4S also contracts with Homeland Security to deport immigrants.)

 July 2016: Denver Water Board City drops G4S and the City of Berkeley divests from G4S following efforts of local human rights activists.  

NEW: G4S website launched!

Learn more about G4S mismanagement and involvement in private prisons, violations of human rights and international law,  abuses in youth detention facilities, and immigrant detention and deportations.

Orlando tragedy and G4S: Orlando shooter Omar Mateen latest G4S employee involved in senseless tragedy

►Tell RT you want their relationship with G4S ended when the current contract expires in June 2017. Tell RT to bring their security workers in house or hire another company, preferably local, that does not violate human rights or profit from private prisons.  

You can copy and paste these RT Board members emails into your message: jschenirer@cityofsacramento.org; amorin@folsom.ca.us; lbudge@cityofranchocordova.org; shansen@cityofsacramento.org; jsharris@cityofsacramento.org; phume@elkgrovecity.org; rjennings@cityofsacramento.org; macglashanr@saccounty.net; smiller@citrusheights.net; nottolid@saccounty.net; SupervisorSerna@saccounty.net

Please cc  General Manager Henry Li: hli@sacrt.com Chief Counsel Tim Spangler:  tspangler@sacrt.com; Manager Fernando Barcena fbarcena@sacrt.com, and SacRideHuman@gmail.com

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► SacRideHuman and hundreds of Sacramentans are asking Sacramento Regional Transit to end their contract with British-Danish G4S, a global private security company that is profiting from and complicit with human rights violations around the world, including the abuse of child prisoners in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel-Palestine and elsewhere.

► We are also asking Sac RT to develop socially responsibility criteria to be included in the request for proposals (RFP) for the next contract to exclude companies that are involved in violations of human rights, international law, or the environment or in unethical business practices.

► Contact us at SacRideHuman@gmail.com to: 
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