G4S does not deserve our transit dollars.

Here’s why Sacramento Regional Transit should not be contracting with  G4S

Public entities have a responsibility to ensure that corporations they contract with are responsible not only in their business practices, but in their relationship to the community as a whole.  Public funds should not be used to profit irresponsible companies. As a corporation, British-Danish G4S has clearly demonstrated its flagrant disregard for human rights, rights of the child, international law, and labor rights and profits from the violation of these basic laws and rights.  Contracting with locally-owned companies also can help keep taxpayer funds in the local community.

♦ Opposing G4S reflects a stand again racism. 1000 Black activists, artists and scholars have recently called for join struggle again G4S, because “G4S harms thousands of Palestinian political prisoners illegally held in Israel and hundreds of Black and brown youth held in its privatized juvenile prisons in the US. The corporation profits from incarceration and deportation from the US and Palestine, to the United KingdomSouth Africa and Australia.” The Guardian notes that G4S “has been accused of running a “disgraceful” juvenile detention centre in Florida”.

♦ G4S profits from environmental destruction.  G4S’ complicity with Israel’s unlawful occupation and colonization of Palestine also makes it complicit with significant environmental damageIsrael has destroyed over a million Palestinian olive trees, drained and polluted the area’s aquifers, and destroyed water-conserving cisterns and hundreds of thousands of acres of land that provided habitat.

♦ G4S makes money from misery, profiting from disaster.